Sichuan scenery infinite good spring festival tourism tourists

in many of China’s provinces, Sichuan is a famous large province, the characteristics of the local tourism, in the market visibility is high, has been the favorite of consumers, so there are a lot of people during the Spring Festival long trip to Sichuan! Reporters from the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Commission was informed that this year the Spring Festival Golden Week, Sichuan tourists and revenue to achieve double growth, the province’s total tourism income of 35 billion 569 million yuan, an increase of 19.6%, 63 million 835 thousand and 900 tourists, an increase of 10.2%.

according to statistics, Sichuan province into the Golden Week tourism information statistics 73 scenic spots (Huanglong scenic due to seasonal weather closed), the Spring Festival Golden Week 7 days a total of tourists received a total of 11 million 337 thousand and 100 passengers, an increase of 8.19%.

during the Spring Festival, Sichuan held a number of organizations around the rich and colorful culture, folk custom tourism festival, Lantern Festival, Chengdu panda Suining International Fireworks Festival, Chengdu Jurassic Wuhou Temple temple, Xichang temple, the ancient city of Langzhong Li Zhou cultural exhibition, Sanxingdui ancient Shu worship, Zigong international dinosaur lantern festival full of flavor and atmosphere. Tourism and cultural activities, not only enrich the festive atmosphere, but also activate the people desire to travel, to stimulate consumer demand.

busy a year later, the arrangements for the holiday, not only between the reunion between loved ones, the more popular among relatives of tourism! Sichuan scenery is infinitely good, the Spring Festival travel tourists, tourists travel to increase the rational, exit, out of the province to travel fiery, suburban tour, self driving tour continues to be a tourist preference. During the Spring Festival, go to the countryside to enjoy the beauty of the countryside, the taste of taste is the first choice for many urban residents. Hot spring snow has become a popular winter tourism products in Sichuan, favored by tourists.

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