Understand these five points on the road do not detour

now, the wind of the business is getting stronger and stronger, start-up companies are in vogue. You know, as a start-up company, every aspect of management of the dead may give you the enterprise to bring the huge internal friction. Many entrepreneurs because of the lack of experience in the use of people, management, work constantly on the run. Not only entrepreneurship, all managers in the workplace, these problems should know how to avoid.

1, please when the   do not look at values

The contact process of

because the recruitment deadline lack value as the reference standard, so the only standard is the so-called hire candidates’ ability". But many recruiters forget with the ability to leave the environment, the corresponding environment, this ability could be compromised.

2, authorization is not responsible for

first is "authorized" mentality.

management is the management to "management", but "management mechanism" to "tube", a complete management mechanism will ensure the rights granted out will be the same "supervision", "management" is the main reason to reduce the risk of authorization.

"authorization" is the ability of a manager must, if you really want to do "authorization", first need to have the right "authorized" mentality, with a reasonable management mechanism to provide a secure "authorization" environment, the basic conditions of the two "authorization" is indispensable.

3, the laissez faire sectarianism   lead to internal friction

Most of the entrepreneurs are