Open shop should choose what kind of project

is now a lot of people think open shop to make money, so have to enter into this industry, but now the industry competition is fierce, if you don’t make a right choice, it is likely to fail in the end, then open the shop should choose what kind of project?

involved e-commerce entrepreneurs is best to choose some "short, flat, fast" project, so easy to use, easy to make money." Li Chao, Yiwu Institute of business and entrepreneurship incubation base entrepreneurial students, was hailed as the business by the lecturer, although open shop in the class is not too early, but the business done quite well. Yesterday, he summed up his entrepreneurial experience, to share with you.

" early start, the main work is familiar with the operation methods and operating skills, spend a lot of time and energy, this period is the key to increase the credibility of value. With the continuous improvement of the level of credibility, the store is constantly sum up thinking, timely detection of problems." Li Chao in the shop before the credibility of the value of a crown, the main business of creative home, to supply platform based products, trading volume steadily. Rose to a crown, he found that no matter how hard, the daily trading volume is difficult to have a greater improvement, and began to think about the need for transformation and upgrading.

"each trade platform has its operation rules, scientific and rational use of the rules is the key to victory." Li Chao believes that in order to improve store popularity, way to set reasonable, let the customer search to "shop", can through continuous optimization of search keywords, use of the train, the target market segments, update the shop decoration to attract customers."

"supplier of the first lot of friends, especially.