How to do a good job in the promotion of the Dragon Boat Festival

is now going to the Dragon Boat Festival, and many families will be large procurement, want to have the Dragon Boat Festival, to their families and friends to buy a gift. For investors, the Dragon Boat Festival is also a good time to make money, the use of Dragon Boat Festival to carry out promotional activities, you can make a fortune. So how to do a good job in the promotion of the Dragon Boat Festival? What are the promotional techniques? Let’s take a look.

note, emphasizing the festival marketing, but not caused by the predatory marketing festival. When we plunder, you may see is the moment of prosperity, then the weak market after the endless. This is worth thinking about. A lot of enterprise planning department, concerned when the holiday comes is how to "surprise" or "42 pounds" to attract the eye of creative planning.

only in the day before the holiday began to prepare the "Dragon Boat Festival marketing" that is wrong, holiday marketing is a systematic project, if not usually good basic skills, and by cramming before the holidays, may be very confusing. Therefore, entrepreneurs should do a good job of holiday marketing research, do their own strengths and weaknesses of the analysis.

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in holiday promotions, making promotional activities to give consumers to find everything fresh and new feeling, the consumer to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere of consumption. Therefore, the festival’s promotional theme design to meet several requirements: one to have impact, so that consumers look after the memories; and be attractive to consumers interested in; three key words: short enough, impressive.