20 the reasons for the failure of science and technology start ups

every year there are many new technology start-ups to join the market, but there are many startups die on the road ahead. Why do these tech startups fail?

here are the 20 reasons:

1, there is no need to analyze the development of product

42% failed startups have had this problem. Founder of the implementation of their own creativity, but did not find out whether the idea is in line with market demand. Patient , founder of Insights, said to CB : "I realized that we didn’t actually have customers because nobody was interested in the products we developed." Communicator. Doctors need more patients than an efficient office."

2, financing burn, unable to obtain new financing

29% failed startups encountered this problem. Flud’s team told CB , Insights said, in fact, the failure of Flud because the company failed to raise new funds.

3, the team does not

23%’s failure to start a company is lack of commanding the overall situation. The reason is interesting, most VCs said, before the investment is the first consideration of the team, followed by creativity.

4, less than

5, pricing / cost problems

for startups, product pricing is not too high, nor too low, we should find the most suitable pricing. Unfortunately, 18% of the companies did not find the right pricing.

6, bad product

17% start-up companies to develop the product is very bad. Game  Layers founder recalls, I think the company should put down the figure, easy to develop interactive products.

7, lack of business model