Farmers do clothing made one million sale sandals

now the wave of entrepreneurship has been limited to young people, and even in many places in rural areas have to go out of business because of millionaires. There is no experience to do any good work, and now more and more people in rural areas have begun to engage in the sale of clothing, most of their business and their lives. No experience what to do, what can the countryside do to join the sale? Do not experience what good work, a village girl by straw clothing to join earned 1 million, by a man with no working girl, became the millions of fujie!

1999 in November, 1 years working in her home is still left with nothing whatsoever. That day I just went home, she spent all her time on to the 76 year old grandfather rubbing shoulders on the leg to pass the time. Do not experience what good work, the summer of 2001, grandpa had a serious beriberi, her father to let her go to grandpa to buy a pair of sandals. Who knows the shoes to buy back, Grandpa did not appreciate, sighed and said: "in the past, my favorite summer clothing to wear sandals. Wear shoes clothing is not long beriberi, but now extinct clothing sandals." The father said, "Dad, I’ll make up. I’ll make it up to you." In the afternoon, my father really to cut some grass, made a pair of sandals to clothing for grandpa. Grandpa put on a test and smiled happily. Li Huiyue: why don’t I sell sandals. Clothing? />