Why the second half of the e commerce industry can not escape the acquisition spell

in the blink of an eye, the end of 2015, this year for e-commerce companies is not flat year, mergers in the industry influential beyond count, fast, fair, public comment is a good example.

all mergers is another merger, shopping malls always fish of the situation, the two party boss will merge, the annexation of the second.

Why not escape the second


burn Wars

2012, the background of the development of mobile Internet, taxi software should be potential and health. At the beginning of 2014, fast, drops two companies has become China Mobile travel talent shows itself, leading enterprises, while the second half of 2014, and jointly promote the vigorous development of China Mobile business car.

as an important entrance to connect online and offline, the two sides conducted burn wars in the giant support". In 2014, the two sides launched at least three burn wars. According to statistics, only from January to March, the two subsidies for users and drivers have 3 billion yuan of funds.

in any commercial society, money is the only way which must be passed to success. But after burn, investors pay more attention to profit.

if the delay is not profitable, then how will industry second fate? Collapse or be big mergers


compromise bow

closure and merger? How would you choose