Xining special action focus on the interests of the masses

Xining city to solve the livelihood problems of the masses are most concerned about, the most direct and realistic throughout the educational practice always focus on the implementation of decentralization, air and water pollution, illegal pornography, price stability control, smooth traffic, beautiful villages and towns "six initiatives, efforts to solve the contact service of the masses last mile the problem, to let the people see the changes and get benefits.

the decentralization of the public is difficult to". Focus on streamlining administrative examination and approval, compression approval time, re approval process and other key issues in-depth study. Itemized combing the city canceled, decentralization, merger approval matters 73, municipal approval of the 37 departments from the original 342 to reduce the number of items of the order of 19.3%, to become the largest clean-up efforts over the years to become the largest in the past. Atmospheric pollution worries". Adhere to the city’s top and bottom treatment, strengthen governance measures, from the construction dust management, road dust control, motor vehicle pollution prevention and control aspects of strong pollution. In April 29th the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced 74 cities nationwide air quality ranking in the year of March, Xining air quality ranked the highest in the country, ranking first in the northwest of the 5 provincial capital cities in the first place in the ranking of the top 36. Illegal pornography "anger". Strengthen the supervision of illegal construction, illegal construction of high incidence areas, key areas and easy to ignore the focus of intensive inspections of the region, from the point of breakthrough to promote the progress of the face. At present, the investigation of illegal construction 8, issued a rectification notice stoppage from the beginning of the 7, the demolition of all kinds of illegal construction of 11093 square meters, the area of self-examination and self demolition of illegal construction of 143831 square meters. Stable control prices to solve the livelihood of the people". Continue to increase meat and vegetables inside and outside the province dispatching reserve docking "enclave" construction, government subsidies, the market price regulation, zero slip control, farm, agricultural and sideline products stores construction and direct sales of vegetables, discount sale car and a series of flexible dynamic control measures do not "add to the life of the masses". Smooth traffic "to solve the problem". Xining City, the parking lot and the hub station, intelligent traffic information system construction, open up the broken road and road widening, pedestrian crossing facilities, road isolation, road signs and markings and signal lights, set the road microcirculation, bus lanes, research projects a total of 9 categories of 39 transportation projects into the important work category. Currently, the cumulative investment of 46 million 592 thousand and 800 yuan. Beautiful villages and towns to solve the needs of the people". In order to ensure the effective implementation of the special action of beautiful villages and towns, city leaders into the county farm courtyard, threw himself into the crowd, to do things on the heart. At present, the village (community) has launched a comprehensive upgrade project office service center, this year the Municipal Fund 7 million 220 thousand yuan, the county to integrate various types of project funds 27 million 202 thousand yuan; the county fiscal funds have been put in place 6 million 121 thousand and 900 yuan, invested 1 million 303 thousand yuan in advance.