Xining quickly implement the spirit of the instructions of the governor Hao Peng to do a good job in

6 14 PM, governor Hao Peng held a special meeting, to do a good job this year, the work of the meeting will be clearly defined. In this regard, the municipal government attaches great importance to immediately made arrangements, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, vice mayor Xu Guocheng, vice mayor Pan Zhigang, vice mayor Tong Wang to the south of the Convention Center, on-site inspection of the City Green Fair Exhibition and so on, in the special exhibition details carefully, repeated viewing exhibit effect and display content, to convene the relevant departments held site office will learn to convey the governor Hao Peng’s request, and to the requirements of one by one arrangement.

a, attaches great importance to strengthen leadership. Governor Hao Peng pointed out that this year’s Green Fair is the activity most, invite businessmen a show up, all localities and departments should focus on, we will make this green fair into a higher level, higher quality, more harmonious and stable exhibition requirements. Mayor Zhang Xiaorong pointed out that all localities and departments and units should attach great importance to further strengthen the leadership, focus resources, co-ordination arrangements, do all the special exhibition, investment, businessmen invited to the reception of the work, to further expand the visibility and influence of Xining.

two, highlight the key, overall arrangement. For governor Hao Peng made instructions, mayor Zhang Xiaorong requirements, one is to do investment work. Xining economic and Technological Development Zone and all localities and departments should take the Green Fair as an important platform to attract foreign investment, earnestly implement the signing of the project, tracking the progress of the project, the full range of services to do the work, to ensure the implementation of the project, in the exhibition industry and promote the transformation and upgrading of the effectiveness etc.. At the same time, it is necessary to fully demonstrate the city’s latest achievements in new industries, new areas and innovative development, attract foreign businessmen to invest in our city. Two is to further increase publicity efforts. The Propaganda Department, the relevant departments should start from today to carry out a comprehensive Green Fair publicity column in the news media, network platform, timely to the Green Fair progress tracking reports, in the main urban sections of the LED electronic display, LED display, LED bus taxi screen scrolling Green Fair publicity slogans set, road fence ads in key areas, in the exhibition hall arranged around the air floating, arches, flags and flag, to create a warm and festive atmosphere. Three is to participate in the reception of guests, guests reception work. Xining economic and Technological Development Zone, all regions and relevant departments to further refine the division of tasks, the implementation of the reception, reception tasks, leaders should personally, personally arrange reception, warm and thoughtful, firmly grasp the Green Fair this investment opportunity, fully demonstrate the hospitality of the people of Qinghai simple folk.

three, mobilize all forces to mobilize all resources to ensure the smooth conduct of the exhibition. According to the request of governor Hao Peng, mayor Zhang Xiaorong, a public security, transportation, safety supervision, food and Drug Administration and other departments to carry out a comprehensive social security, fire safety, traffic control, bus and taxi operation, safe production and civilized clean food and drug safety work, further increase remediation efforts, to protect the services for the exhibition. Two urban management, planning and construction, forest;