Xining Second People’s Hospital of the 43 employees signed a labor contract with the hospital

under the Department of labor and social media attention in April 14th, Second People’s Hospital of Xining city (hereinafter referred to as the municipal hospital) and the hospital finally signed a part of staff labor contract and purchase social insurance for them. So far, the city hospital within the prescribed time limit to complete the rectification requirements of the labor sector.

for a long time, the city hospital employed doctors and nurses to the successive parts and labor supervision departments to reflect, the long-term and they do not sign labor contract, cannot enjoy social insurance treatment, is vastly different, although after repeated consultations, but so far to no avail. After the verification of the labor department requires the hospital rectification, followed by the newspaper in March 17th A11 version of the matter in detail. After the publication of the report, causing the City Health Bureau attaches great importance to urge the hospital immediately according to the requirements of rectification. On the afternoon of April 14th, the second municipal hospital held a labor contract signing ceremony, and invited the city personnel exchange center staff to handle matters related to personnel agency. According to the relevant staff, the labor contract signed a total of 43 people, distributed in several departments of the hospital financial, medical care, medicine, they have the relevant qualifications, but also for the hospital they buy endowment insurance and unemployment insurance. It is understood that before the signing of the contract, the second hospital of the city also specifically solicit the views of staff, and the introduction of relevant measures. Remuneration for the signing of the contract, the staff said they will combine education, seniority and titles and other factors, taking into account their remuneration standards.

for some staff and the hospital failed to sign the labor contract, the city hospital official explained that this is because there are some staff failed to obtain the qualification certificate, so they got the qualification certificate, the hospital will also sign a labor contract with them.