These keywords are important to China

what does it mean to keep courage, courage and vitality to reform? How crossed the middle-income trap? Why is international communication more and more important to China’s development?…… This year NPC and CPPCC, both the general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech or the government work report, "13th Five-Year" plan draft, concept and expression is the relationship between reform, development find everything fresh and new. Xinhua News Agency reporters invited the national high-end think tank, the chief expert for everyone to interpret.

[Key words] courage, vigor and vitality


] expert interpretation of National School of Administration executive vice president Ma Jiantang: General Secretary Xi Jinping to attend the four session of the twelve National People’s Congress in Shanghai delegation stressed the need to maintain the courage of innovation, pioneers of spirit, vigorous vitality. At present, we are advancing the reform, facing many difficulties and challenges, the most needed is the three gas".

break the interests of the need to forge the courage to innovate. Practice has proved that the previous reform is to break down the ground, come out, there is no ready-made model to copy. The interests of bondage, closed minded, timidity is an obstacle to reform the "poison", promote the reform must break the old dogma from idea and system, to do this, without the need to uphold a vested interest through courage.

innovative development ideas need to be ahead of the spirit. We make innovation driven development as a general starting point and core strategic adjustment of the economic structure of the economic and social development are carried out, we should aim at the forefront of world science and technology, enhance the capability of independent innovation, and strive to make major on the basis of science and technology innovation, in the key technology field has made a major breakthrough, it needs pioneers your spirit.

crack problem requires vigorous vitality reform. Reform is bound to face a lot of difficulties and challenges, in the face of difficulties, only on the difficulties, in order to break through the bottleneck, dredging blocking point, activate the whole, to promote the development of. This is to keep the spirits, courage, insist Aoyama do not relax, have vitality and enterprising spirit, have a knife gun’s block, tenacity and vitality.

[keyword] annual growth of more than 6.5%


] experts interpret the dean of Tsinghua University Institute of conditions Hu Angang: "13th Five-Year" plan draft, the economy has maintained rapid growth. The government work report also suggested that the "13th Five-Year" period the average annual economic growth remained above 6.5%, this is all in the domestic and international environment of Party and country increases uncertainty under the condition of scientific and reasonable growth target set for macroeconomic regulation and control.

from the international development experience, the economy reached a certain scale, such as GDP up to more than $4 trillion, per capita GDP growth rate will be relatively low, only;