Province invested nearly 20 million yuan to accelerate the improvement of standardized breeding capa

10 month 11 days, reporters from the Provincial Livestock Improvement Center held seventh farmers and herdsmen breeding management experts and livestock breeding courses learned, since 2010, the province has invested 19 million 200 thousand yuan in the construction of standardized cattle station (point) at the same time, the training of more than 1000 breeding and livestock breeding staff can hand, laid the foundation for the province to the scale of farming mechanization and automation, refined and standardized direction of rapid development.

at the end of last year, the province has built 85 standardized cattle station (point), greatly improve the cattle station (point) working conditions, improve the technical level, service quality and quality of cattle, and promote the healthy development of dairy and beef cattle industry. At the same time, the Provincial Livestock Improvement Center completed the 14 phase of the province’s more than 1000 technical backbone, breeding technical experts and livestock breeding technician training, so that the province has improved significantly improve the level of technology.

this year, the center will also build a standardized cattle station (point) 20, breeding improved training of technical staff of more than 100, and the top 4 breeding large county, 15 outstanding member of livestock breeding and 6 outstanding improvement of information reporting, in order to speed up the development of standardized scale farming, through demonstration to improve the quality standard, cattle, breeding management, in order to improve the efficiency of breeding cattle and sheep.