Ministry of environmental protection ninth inspection teams to carry out inspection work in Qinghai

10 21 to 25, the Ministry of environmental protection inspection team in Qinghai to carry out the supervision of the work of the ninth. Inspection team fully affirmed the achievements of the province in the promotion of environmental law enforcement, strengthen ecological and environmental protection, and to provide objective feedback on the problems and make recommendations.

this year, the province of the promotion of ecological and environmental protection "as the first strategy, the primary responsibility and urgent task, and building national ecological security barrier, environmental regulation and law enforcement steadily. Clean up illegal construction projects, establish a scheduling mechanism, a total investigation of illegal construction projects 1482, as of now closed out 14 projects, improve the record of 30 projects, standardize project 140. In the protection of drinking water source environmental protection law enforcement, the completion of the drinking water source environmental protection zone delineation and the work, strengthen risk investigation. Ban on "ten small" enterprises work carried out as scheduled, a total ban tufa Refining 2 medium enterprises and other small enterprises 32.

1 to September, the province’s total law enforcement officers dispatched 11279 passengers, check the various types of enterprises and projects 4794 (Times), found that environmental illegal enterprises 314, 110 enterprises in the administrative penalty, the penalty amount of 8 million 873 thousand yuan; it shall be ordered to stop production enterprises 21, 2 consecutive daily fines, seizure of 2, transferred to judicial authorities in 4, the implementation of administrative detention of 3 people, criminal detention of 2 people. Environmental protection law enforcement in key industries, a total of more than 460 law enforcement officers were deployed to inspect the city’s sewage treatment plants and other key enterprises, while the focus of hazardous waste production units to check the 75, hazardous waste operating units of 15. In the implementation of random screening system, the province’s 1380 sewage companies included in the information database, according to the proportion of double random spot checks. The city of the province’s 8 state and 46 county-level environmental monitoring network schemes have been introduced to the public, the public rate is 100%.

environmental protection department of the ninth inspection team to listen to reports on the situation, went to Xining, the East Sea city on-site inspection of 24 companies and feedback. Listen to the feedback of the inspectors group, the provincial environmental protection department official said, in accordance with the requirements of the inspectors group immediately rectification, a short time to achieve results. Increase the illegal construction projects and progress, strengthen the "environmental protection law" and four supporting measures, eliminate the weak links of air pollution regulation, continue to strengthen environmental law enforcement, to ensure the completion of the task set at the beginning of the year.