40 indicators hit a year ahead of schedule

makes Xining a city embraced by forests, which is a good wish for every citizen! Now, this desire is becoming a reality. The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of forestry of joy, as of the end of 2014, the forest coverage rate reached 32%, built-up area green coverage rate reached 40%, per capita green area of 12 square meters, complete the creation of national forest city index has a year early, 40 indicators have reached the National Forest City evaluation standard.
no regret: Northwest National Forest City
chuangsen 2011 sounded assembly
three years with joy: green index reached
the forest coverage rate increased from 28% to 32%, urban green coverage rate increased from 37.13% to 40%, urban per capita green area increased from 9.5 square meters to 12 square meters, from the end of 2011 to the end of 2014, the group continued in changing, behind it, is the strong leadership of the municipal government, the relevant departments of the city, the county to work together. For the drought and the foundation of city green construction is relatively weak in Xining, the forest coverage rate, urban green coverage rate of 1 percentage points per growth, per capita public green area increased 1 square meters, people have to pay great efforts and hardships.