Does the part time job shop what to do How to open Taobao shop

has been wandering to see a lot of discussion about the virtual recharge software quality in the forum. Some people say it is deceptive, it is said that the novice shop to choose a virtual recharge software is necessary. It is true that the woman is justified, the public said that the public is right, I do not dare to deny any point here, after all, everyone is an independent body, have their own ideas. (open virtual shop consulting QQ:381713669)

virtual recharge can do it? Many novice sellers may now be in the middle of the physical and virtual wandering.

do it! No business every day, such as white, day by day, so the consumption of the past. I believe you have seen the Taobao marketing Matthew, Chinese has a habit, more lively more love to ride, the less people, more is No one shows any interest in.

do virtual recharge! Profits of the poor, the agent is more difficult, and there are so many people say is a lie, is a pyramid scheme, more afraid to do. It is not only so, real and virtual anyway is dead. In fact, why there are still people who do real January drill, income thousands of it, why there are still people who do virtual month several drill, income thousands of? Of course you may suspect is a legitimate trap, lest they fall.

at the beginning, I did not have to sell software mentality to do just to enhance credit, and then sold for other things, but the first two days of success, earn two hundred dollars, let me full of passion. Therefore, want to have the results, mentality + + + this is inevitable.

here I do not want to evaluate any aspect of the software, it is neutral. But there are some new sellers or ready for Taobao novice to see the exclusion of recharge software, "said fortunately didn’t buy", I think you really have no idea what, lack of ability, independent thinking of others, get your thoughts wavering.

if the novice Taobao experience is not the basis of the virtual, can be said to be a jump slate. If the virtual this industry can not do well, the real, may not be able to do virtual, save a lot of programming, such as object to replenish stock photo, ah, PS, packaging, logistics and the number of steps, some people say can, just opened shop, to credit no credit, not to experience experience, good supplier will let you acting? Find a good supplier, then waiting on, return. I’m not alarmist, which are some of the facts, it has several suppliers not in the price to kill a person, the agent is only for others to do the wedding dress. Here point to, otherwise I will be posting this flesh.

although many people despise this profession, but I make money legally, I have sinned against who? Even if recruit agents, the hundreds of pieces, for my tuition fees, I serve you a few months, every answer, is worth the price? Many people do not, no perseverance patience not do, everywhere alarmist. I think the gap between the rich and the poor is so lazy, do not want to learn to keep blowing big.

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