Xining wild zoo hundred baby happy growth

  in March 19th, 3 of the Przewalski’s Gazelle "couple" with his little baby walking, playing under the sun…… The little baby at the Xining wildlife park grows up healthy and happy under the care of the management.

"please pay attention to these little guys. They are safe for the winter." Last year, the Xining wild zoo tiger, Przewalski’s gazelle, wolf, deer, sheep, big ear peacock and wild goose more than and 20 "garden people" full of joy harvest their "love crystallization" — more than one hundred (head) small "baby" came into this world. To this end, the zoo to strengthen the management of feeding, to ensure that the small baby who’s nutritional needs, so that they can safely winter.

at the Xining wild animal zoo, Przewalski’s gazelle, ibex, Peacock Garden people "small" baby "in their" luxury "meet with visitors, they do not shy, around all feel fresh!