The bustling community residents meet Festival

July to Mid Autumn Festival is particularly bright, the country is flourishing people happy. The Mid Autumn Festival this year on the occasion of the 63 anniversary of the founding of new China Chinese, Sheng Jiayuan let this Mid Autumn Festival more meaningful. The morning of September 26th, the North District Office Xinle Mafang Street Community Party branch organized by "mutual love, with love as the theme of" the Mid-Autumn Festival, to celebrate the National Day "in the tea party," grandpa for opening me cakes "music. Chengbei District, Mafang Street office leaders and community elderly families, orphans and disabled children in foster care and community party volunteers, kindergarten kids have a joyous gathering, tasting by community staff personally make delicious cakes, cake and fresh fruit, took a homely, laughing, warm atmosphere, community activity room permeated with a festive.The

activities in the north of the city Party Committee Propaganda Department and Mafang Street offices also area for the elderly and disabled children to send holiday gifts. The party lasted more than 2 hours, community workers and residents of the area have to perform on stage. Rollicking aerobics "bounce", hulus solo "Moonlight" "three sentences", also has brought the kids in the kindergarten "happy girl", Henan opera "who says women than men", show the applause, climax. Interspersed among the prize activities for participants, to participate in the activities of the residents broke out from time to time bursts of laughter, bustling atmosphere. (author: Dong Xingjuan)