Public fire control work will iron fist management

the afternoon of January 18th, vice secretary of Xining Municipal Committee, Su Rong pomp, accompanied by the person in charge of the fire, public security, safety supervision departments, the fire safety work of the major shopping places in our city, before the entertainment check. Su Rong requirements, fire safety management work to fist of public places, to ensure the safety of shopping.

Su Rong, a pedestrian has to cross the small commodity wholesale market, department store and entertainment establishments. In the small commodity wholesale market, Su Rong, listen to the details of the basic situation of the market fire control work, and on-site questions businesses, learn to use the fire extinguisher to businesses are aware of the market; whether the fire hydrant can have problems such as the normal use of water, in the fire hydrant. Su Rong pointed out that the small commodity wholesale market in our city as the largest and most complete product categories, customers the most comprehensive market, market management responsibility, especially the fire safety is the priority among priorities, at the moment when people shopping peak, the market management must cultivate a professional’s own fire patrol team, to achieve professional fire facilities, fire safety responsibility before the fire control work should be weightier than Mount Tai, strengthen management, management of heavy fist. In addition to the market itself staff daily patrol investigation of fire hazards, fire departments as more area to provide more fire knowledge and other aspects of the service for the market, refused to appear alternative, intercede, once illegal businesses must be closed, the penalty, the penalty closed, to ensure no major security incidents the. (author: 1)