Thorough investigation of the city’s 11 key industry security

In March 26th, the reporter from the second meeting of the plenary session of the municipal safety committee was informed that the city’s production safety work of the next stage will focus on the spring to restart production work, and focus of the special inspection of 11 industries.

into the spring, all kinds of production and business activities of busy, especially in construction, mining enterprises enter the restart phase, the county departments and units will be combined with our Spring Festival to open features of the work of production safety, the general requirements of city safety "full coverage, zero tolerance, Yan Zhi method, pragmatic. Focus on building construction, road traffic, crowded places and special equipment, fire protection, city network, tourism, housing demolition, residential areas and other special inspection of 11 key industries.

, the field of engineering construction, focusing on the inspection of deep foundation pit, pipe trench, construction elevator and falling accident. In the field of road traffic and transportation, increase the investigation and punishment of overloading, overloading, speeding and other illegal acts. Personnel intensive places and fire areas, focusing on the "three in one" and "one in one" production and operation sites, restaurants and other crowded places. Special equipment, focusing on illegal manufacturing, illegal installation, illegal use of special equipment. Urban pipeline network, involving the safety of gas and other urban pipeline network facilities for timely rectification. Coal mine and other fields, strict conditions, strengthen supervision and inspection to resume production. Hazardous chemicals industry, strengthen the inspection and maintenance of important equipment and facilities. Tourism and other industries, focusing on the development of passenger travel, tourist attractions, food and beverage, accommodation and other aspects of the safety inspection. Housing demolition and other industries, clear the demolition of old towns and rural construction and demolition of the housing safety regulatory responsibilities, improve the safety supervision mechanism of rural construction. Residential property management, property management companies focused on the establishment of the safety management system, safety education and training. Metallurgical, nonferrous metals, building materials, machinery, light industry, commerce and other industries, combined with the characteristics of the industry, do a good job in the Spring Festival to resume production safety inspection activities of the organization.