Datong County to expand the area of forage grass to enhance the development potential of animal husb

in recent years, Datong County Grassland station actively encourage farmers to develop planting forage grass, oats, alfalfa planting grass industry economy, through comprehensive measures of artificial grass, grassland improvement, improve forage yield. The county’s 45 thousand acres of grass will become an important forage source of county of confinedness, provides high quality forage for fattening cattle industry.

to promote the sustainable development of animal husbandry, growing dairy cows, beef cattle and sheep breeding base industry, Datong County Grassland station in the development of feed, forage planting make a fuss, as to promote the sustained and rapid development of animal husbandry, effectively promote the solid guarantee of farmers’ income. In recent years, according to the Datong County farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau of the long-term planning, in line with " long-term planning, the overall layout, according to local conditions, advance " the principle of increasing guidance and technical training for farmers on the one hand, on the other hand, actively introduce the growth of fine varieties of suitable county oats, alfalfa and other new varieties and expand forage area, the county animal husbandry, planting and breeding to achieve the organic integration and coordinated development, promote the increase of farmers’ income has played a positive role.