Lantern Festival ban on three types of vehicles

In February 22nd, the reporter learned from the provincial high-speed traffic police detachment was informed that during the Lantern Festival to ensure traffic safety of high grade highway in our province, large trucks, dangerous chemicals transport vehicles and passenger buses will prohibit sailing speed.

the day of the Lantern Festival, the West Tower high-speed road (Shangri-La Road), South Ramp toll station, the South Main toll station in Huangzhong County, West Tower high-speed exit, the exit of Chen Jiatan, high-speed traffic police to large trucks, the transport of dangerous chemicals and other vehicles may seriously affect traffic safety, vehicle traffic grooming, prohibited from entering the highway project vehicle. And all go to Huangzhong County, Kumbum Monastery vehicles from the export diversion to the West long road, Guide direction of the vehicle by the main line. In order to allow the driver to quickly grasp the high speed traffic information on the day of the Lantern Festival, the provincial high-speed traffic police detachment will be through the provincial traffic radio station FM90.3, real-time traffic information. It is understood that for the high grade highway is generally above the road traffic accident and massive congestion, high-speed traffic police detachment, even to strengthen the road patrol control efforts, increase the punishment of drunk driving, overcrowding speeding, illegal parking and other key violations. In order to eliminate traffic accidents, high-speed traffic police detachment of the four teams to coordinate high-speed highways, maintenance departments on the west side of the first level of road traffic comprehensive investigation, timely treatment of hidden sections. (author: Rong Lijun)