Huangyuan County Bureau of industry and Commerce earnestly fulfill their duties to ensure the implem

Huangyuan County Bureau of industry and Commerce conscientiously fulfill their duties to ensure that the home appliances to the countryside to implement this policy benefits. As of September 19, 2012, recorded in Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau that is bought at 10 outlets, including cars, motorcycles and below 1.6 liters of small displacement cars and other home appliances products total sales of 23626 units (including: subsidies to purchase 23060 of non users, users buy 616 subsidies), sales of 59 million 849 thousand and 700 yuan, financial subsidies 22724 Taiwan, enjoy 8 million 206 thousand yuan subsidies. As the Ba Yan Xiang Ba Yan Cun Tian Tailu farmer said: "in April I bought a modern car, May state subsidies to 5000 yuan, the state subsidies to farmers to buy home appliances and be good".

in 2012, Huangyuan County Industrial and commercial bureau around the "earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of rural consumers, and promote sound and rapid economic development" ideas, and vigorously strengthen market regulation. First, strict review of market players. The Bureau and the relevant units cooperate closely, first determine the home appliances to the countryside and motorbikes business units to determine the principal qualification review them again, to ensure that the license is complete, legitimate business, take home appliances to the countryside on the obligations and responsibilities of the relevant qualifications and ability. Two is around the branch home benefit farmers to review the countryside goods. Focus on the home appliances, motorcycles and other key commodities for review, filing, establish and improve the purchase inspection system. Three is around the "12315" perfect complaint system. In the "home appliances to the countryside" special rectification work, the use of "two stations" and the village committee to promote consumer rights and complaints procedures. (author: Xu Zhuang)