College students start the highest loan 100 thousand to stay away from school for a period of 2 year

college students want to start a business, no longer have to worry about, not only the support of the funds, as well as the preferential policies to retain the school, people who want to start, and quickly get to know it!

to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, accelerate the public record, Crowdsourcing, Zhong Fu, all the chips and the new model of the new format, development, developing the new engine, and enhance the development of new power, said the provincial government website yesterday released the "Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government on promoting innovation and public entrepreneurship peoples opinions", stimulate the vitality of talent, college students can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan venture loan guarantees, technical personnel can keep the personnel relationship off in 3 years.

three start-ups are exempt from administrative fees

from many aspects to the enterprise to provide convenient services. Business registration service, to take a one-stop window, online reporting, multi card Jo and other measures to accelerate the "three in one" a photo of a code "reform, and gradually realize the enterprise establishment, modification and cancellation of business registration and other electronic.

start-ups free registration, license management, administrative fees. Institutions to carry out various types of administrative examination and approval of the front, mandatory assessment, testing, demonstration and other services and charges, the start-up companies are not higher than the government price department approved the standard 50%.

to attract top talent, encourage students to entrepreneurship and innovation. Improve medical care and other social security and children’s education, residence, immigration, foreign exchange and other service mechanisms to attract overseas high-level talents to Shaanxi innovation and entrepreneurship.

Can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan venture loans entrepreneurship